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Dr. Sobha’s Homoeopathy

Pudunagaram, Kerala 678503

Patient Testimonials

“I had severe menstrual bleeding since four years. I consulted several gynecologists and visited so many famous hospitals in Bengaluru. It was diagnosed as having adenomyosis with bulky uterus. My periods were horrible with severe bleeding and vomiting. During those days, I used close to 50 pads a day. I could not do any household work as I was fully bedridden. My family also suffered a lot because of this. Doctors gave me different medicines and hormonal copper T was used twice without any relief. Then I visited Palakkad and took treatment from 2 gynecologists. I did not find any relief. Finally doctors advised me to remove my uterus and I was getting disappointed.

At that time I came to know about Dr. Sobha’s Homoeopathy. When bleeding started I took treatment from Dr Sobha. Within 2 days my bleeding reduced and within 5 days it completely stopped. Then I continued treatment from Dr Sobha as per her advice. In the next month I got my periods on time and it lasted only for 3 days with normal flow. When I started treatment with Dr. Sobha, my hemoglobin was 8; after 2 months it has increased to 10.6. It has been 4 months since I started taking treatment from Dr. Sobha and I have no difficulties now. I don’t have words to express my gratitude to her. Thanks to Dr Sobha and the wonderful system of Homoeopathic medicine”

Sreeja Vasudev


“I am a High School teacher. I have to stand for the whole day most of the time. I suffered from severe pain in my right knee for one year. I used to take Voveran tablet once in 2-3 days for pain, but could not find relief. Then I consulted Dr. Sobha and took her treatment. Within 2 months I got complete cure. I can now stand and teach for the whole day without any pain”



“My daughter Sruji was brought to Dr Sobha at the age of 12. She had hard blackish horny eruptions over her left shoulder down to the shoulder bone. It started when she was 6 months old. We consulted several dermatologists as it kept growing every year. Plastic surgeon advised surgery but did not guarantee that it would not recur. We came to know that the condition is called Melanoma Naevi, a condition caused by defect in Genetic mutation. Finally we came to Dr. Sobha. Her homoeopathic treatment cured 90% of eruptions. Since 4yrs my daughter is under her treatment.”


“I was suffering from Melasma, black discoloration of both hands for 17 years. I was so worried about it and used to cover my hands with my saree. I consulted several dermatologists but thy could not help much. Then I consulted Dr. Sobha. She gave me homoeopathic medicine. Within 10 months of treatment I got complete relief . My hands look beautiful now”

Raja Lakshmi


“I was suffering from Plantar Psoriasis and I was very worried. I took treatment from Dr. Sobha and I got completely cured of it”




“I couldn’t raise my arms beyond 30 degree. I consulted Dr. Sobha for my Frozen Shoulder. Through her treatment I found much improvement. Now I am able to lift my arms easily.”




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Dr. Sobha’s Homoeopathy

Pudunagaram, Palakkad, Kerala 678503