Urticaria Treatment

Urticaria Treatment

What Is Urticaria

Urticaria is also known as hives, nettle rash and wheals. It appears as redness, oedema or swelling on outer layers of skin with severe intolerable itching. It may be due to allergic reaction, infection, high pressure on skin, excess exposure to sun or any kind of physical stimuli. The reaction is due to histamine, bradykinin or proinflammatory mediators which release from mast cells or basophils. Thoscausescapillaries and venules to leak fluids resulting in oedema and swelling. Urticaria is associated with high immunoglobulin E antibody.

Curing Urticaria Naturally

Avoid allergens not matching to your constitution till you become resistant to the condition by proper constitutional homoeopathic treatment.

To avoid the recurrence of Urticaria, avoid over spicy, sour and fried food and artificial coloring agents or anything which is added in food to increase taste. Avoid non vegetarian food.

Homeopathic Treatment for Urticaria

Chronic urticaria is a troublesome problem to many. Homoeopathic treatment from an experienced Homoeopath can yield wonderful results for urticaria