Uterine Prolapse Treatment

Uterine Prolapse Treatment

What Is Uterine Prolapse

Uterus is normally held in position by various muscle, tissues and ligaments. After pregnancy, childbirth, and difficult labour, in some women muscles weaken and uterus appendages descend. As women ages estrogen hormone decreases too and it causes relaxation of pelvic and uterus drops into vagina. Other conditions associated with uterine prolapse are cystocele (descend of bladder) Rectocele, descend or prolapse of rectum.

Symptom of Uterine Prolapse

  • Back pain
  • Feeling of something coming out of the vagina
  • Difficulty in urination
  • frequent urination
  • Bowel movement

Stages of Uterine Prolapse

Uterine Prolapse passes through multiple stages

  • 1st degree
  • 2nd degree
  • 3rd degree

Homeopathic Treatment for Uterine Prolapse

Uterus prolapse and rectal prolapse in early stages can be successfully treated using homeopathy.